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e7 jake brake



I run a 96 rd log truck 350 e7 with jacobson engine brake, I hav never had a mechanical mack with jakes. we have 8 macks in our fleet and the only 2 that have jakes are the cl with cummins isx (junk engine) and the 04 granite with e7 427, the granite works awesome even with 800k on original engine, whats up with the mechanical e7 jakes?? useless!!!!! my question is, can u put jakes from an etech e7 on an older mechanical e7, if so is there any mods or has enyone done it. I haul over 90 k evry day and is scares the crap out of me without jakes, thankfully I hav a proper 13 speed trans to shift. any help is great thanks ps. tech brake no longer makes jakes for old macks


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have you considered putting an exhaust brake on it?i found a good source for info on the jacobs site on how to diagnose and adj their brake assys if it helps,,

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thanks for the info about the exaust brake. I have been told that that can cause some engine troubles in the top end if not careful, although Mack did offer the "Stealth Brake " back in the 90s, but I havnt found much about it. Iv been told the jake on the mechanical e7s is a turd no matter what unless u change out the oil pump to a high flow unit, which I think requires removing the compressor and changing the oil pump drive gear, and that is a nightmare. if u think of anything let me know,

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