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More Boston

other dog


Another driver, Sam, used to tell this true story -

He had to take a long load into Boston to a jobsite. He got to where he needed to make a right turn but didn't have enough room because a car was parked on the corner-illegally parked, imagine that! While he was stopped in the street wondering what to do, with traffic bottling up behind him, a cop strolled up and asked him what was going on. He told the cop he couldn't make the turn because of the car. The cop looked at the car and said "hit it, he ain't supposed to be parked there anyway"! Sam said "I can't do that", and the cop said "run over it, or i'll give YOU a ticket for obstructing traffic"! So he made the turn and ran over the car and went on to the jobsite. Said he never heard another word about it.

Sometimes we'd run 84 and 81, sometimes we had to go 95 through the city coming back if we had to go to Baltimore or the D.C. area. Once a driver went down the 684 to 287 to 87 route. 87 put you on 95 right at the north end of the George Washington Bridge. He got to the bridge right in the middle of rush hour, and as he was on the ramp to get from 87 onto 95 some complete moron, female type, actually tried to pass on the right and squeeze between the trailer and the wall on the right. She got up beside the trailer tandems- then there was nowhere else she could possibly go. Trailer tandem to her left...concrete wall on her right. Traffic was bumper to bumper, stop and go. It was impossible for her to back up, because if you pull up half an inch the car behind does too. And if the truck pulled up at all the trailer tires would hit her car. And that's what he did. When the opening came he was gone, and the trailer tires caught the car just in front of the driver side door and mashed the left front fender in and pushed the car over against the wall. Nothing else he could do really. He never heard another word about it either, and the stupid bitch got what she deserved in my opinion.


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running 84 had you go thru danbury, Ct.

Haven't been home in a few years.

The closer you get to NYC, the dumber the drivers become

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they must breed there same drivers all over try getting 1&1/2 a round a corner never mind 3&1/2 gov transport make you put nice size on rear of trailers but car drivers do not no wot they mean so try not to run them over too much in the land of aust;

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Otherdog I haven't been on in awhile, I hope you have been busier than we have. I have been getting stuck alot lately and in places we normally have freight. That sucks.Loved the story...well keep the dirty side down and keep on trucking. :SMOKIE-LFT:

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