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Carlisle, Pa.



I'm leaving in the morning for the Spring Carlisle car show.

The opportunity came up to go with a couple of friends,

and I haven't been in ten years or so.

Mostly looking for colors for the B-67, and just

checking on current pricing of different older cars and pick-ups.


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yes,cars and babes pictures are always good. By the way,Jeff's early paint job didn't look bad,green with pink fenders...just a thought...you could even make you a concrete elephant to haul around. His was real of course,but elephants are getting harder to find all the time nowadays it seems.

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Hi Joe,

I didn't take one single picture, sorry.

But I did get an education on current pricing.

Very Scary!!

The show was good - it usually is. Seemed like a tremendous

amount of junk, though, which I think might be a sign of the times.

I did find a guy who restores steering wheels, and the work looked

really nice. So I might give him a try. That would be worth the trip

all by itself, if he was good.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and good to catch up on pricing.

Paul VS

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I took the camera - I just didn't take it out of the bag.

Spring Carlisle is mostly a parts and project sale.

Some completed cars - in all conditions, but mostly just stuff.

The auction is outside of the show grounds, and is

a Barrett Jackson style sale with all kinds of vehicles.

I don't think you are allowed to take pictures in there.

I did catch up with my friend Pete Black. Pete hauls show

cars around the country. He's done it for quite a while,

and loves it. He was loaded with six cars from Carlisle going

to California, I think.

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Nice avatar, I would still like to own that truck, but not able to right now. Prices have went ridiculous for cars anymore. We seen a '57 Bel-air nothing to special just nice wheels, disc brakes, etc. for $57k! I'll just stick with the good ole' 88 Suburban which is "pretty and still works" ... lol..

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