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One Piece Cab



Well, the B-67 cab is back in one piece. Or at least as close as

it was from the factory.

It was called the Million Mile Cab -

If you really take apart a B cab - you realize that it is made of

a lot of little pieces. A lot of little pieces!!

Should have been called the Million Piece Cab.

No wonder they are noisy and drafty and rust easily.

There are lots of joints, holes, seams, welds and places for

moisture and dirt to hide. Most of these tight spots were unprotected

from the factory. You have to prime each sub-assembly prior to completing

the refitting. After you get it together, there is no way to seal up some of the bare metal.

Still I guess they were really considered state-of-the-art for their time.

And I think we have done a pretty good job of reassembling, sealing and

priming the old girl. Should add a few years to her life.

Now I'm thinking about applying "LizardSkin" ceramic sound and heat

insulation to the underside, the firewall, and the entire interior before painting.


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