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other dog


Well,I posted my first youtube video.Not much to it really,and kind of shaky-you know how a cement mixer rides! This was taken after I left the stoplight at Concord,Va. headed west on rt. 460,and passing by Litchford's garage. I'm only about a mile from the shop here.


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You're becoming a genuine high tech wizard!!

Paul VS

I don't really think so-I tried to post it like the other one,but it just wouldn't work. Might've been too long. So I thought i'd try it on youtube,and it worked.All you gotta do is click "upload video",or something like that,and that's it. It took me longer to figure out how to post the link to it actually.
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I went ahead and posted another one. I didn't particularly like it,but it's out there now.It's so bad i'm already sorry I posted it,but I guess i'll leave it until I get one that's better. The video's bad,shifting is bad,driving bad-but it sounds good.

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What's the switch on your aux shifter?

Paul VS

I put LED tail lights and marker lights on the rear,and they have to be hooked up backwards with positive ground systems.I couldn't figure out what to ground to get everything working- I ended up with tail lights and turn signals,but no brake lights,so I took the easy way out. I put a spring loaded toggle switch in an old CB antannae -that doesn't look right...anyhow, bracket.I wired the brake lights to the switch and mounted the bracket to the shift lever so I could reach it easily,so whenever I want brake lights I can just flip the switch either way with my finger without taking my hand off the lever,and when I let go it comes back to center by itself and they go off. I know it's not how it should be,but it works great!
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Nice video's Tom! You should post links on the main forums, too...
Thanks Barry,I might if I can figure out the proper category and how to do it...and i'm still afraid everybody will point and laugh at me -freighttrain's a hard act to follow!

just kidding-I can edit youtube videos,but i'm too lazy,so it is what it is. Maybe i'll try to do a better one later.We were mainly just trying out the camera's video setting.

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