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Pc Problems

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the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

Well,I was gonna try another video,but the PC is still defragmenting. I think something's wrong-it said it could take from a few minutes to a few hours,but it ran all yesterday afternoon and all night so it should be done by now! I might call old Bill back. I thought my Norton 360 did it automatically,it's set to,but Bill said Norton was nothing but trouble,and there are better free programs available when the Norton expires.It was preloaded on my computer when I bought it. My skype and eyeball chat were both working slow yesterday,with about a 20 second delay,so he called on the phone and helped me with this defragmenting process. Found out it was last done in September. I might just need to shut down and restart,but I don't want to undo anything i've already done,so i'd better ask somebody that knows what's going on.


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I don't think that restarting the computer will screw anything up.

Cancel and close the defragmenter, shut down and wait to restart for about five minutes.

If you have a high speed internet connection, shut it down at the same time.

I find with my Road Runner connection that it needs to reboot once in a while. No clue as to why.

But it reboots byitself when you restore the power.

If all else fails, you might want to have someone "clean" the hard drive for viruses and bad stuff that

comes from the internet. We have all of our office computers and home computer cleaned every

three months. Makes a big difference. The first clue is when stuff starts slowing down and not

working properly. Just like what you described.

Other than that - Merry Christmas!

Paul VS

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Merry Christmas to you and yours also Paul,and thanks. Bill called me back and said the same thing you did. I shut everything down,cut the power off too,restarted,started defragmenting again,and when the disc anylization process finished it said it didn't need to defragment at this time. So it must have worked at first,but it just kept going,and going,and going...anyway,now I know who else to ask for computer advice.

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