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Test Video

other dog


A little bit of video we shot coming back from the parade,headed west on rt.460 in Appomattox,Va. Don't know if this will work,never tried this before.


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Not sure if it works, this stupid work computer is still acting crazy.
Hi Joe! it worked on mine. It's only 20 seconds.I have a one minute video of me driving,but FreightTrain ruined that for me-he makes me look like a rookie,shifting slow,one stick at a time,scratching and scraping! No,It's not that bad,but still no comparison to his famous video.

p.s.-yeah,stupid computers!

("stupid computer..."-freighttrain)

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When I get home I'll check it out. I can't even look at youtube on this computer. I'm sure you can get down with the shifting like freightrain does. You probably have your own style of doing it like I would.

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Hi Paul,my Kodak digital camera will take videos too,until the memory card fills up,I just downloaded it to my PC like I do pictures then posted it the same way too- I was surprised and happy that it worked too!

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