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Nothin' In Particular

other dog


I saw the results from the Cumberland County Christmas Parade .Ma sent me a newspaper clipping and I managed to get another first in the 1951-1975 antique car or truck category. The decorations I put on it looked really bad. It ended up looking like a cement mixer with a bunch of stuff hanging off it,but it always seems to be a popular entry down there. I saw lots of people looking at it,pointing at it,and taking lots of pictures of it. At least nobody seemed to be laughing and pointing at the driver.

I went to Fremont,Ohio and back first of the week and was ready to call it a week. I thought Jeff was gone to Florida,but he's not going until next week,so I went back up the road to Avon,Ohio. Besides,he gave me $200 for Christmas before I left so I figured i'd put forth the extra effort-it was just Wednesday anyway. You know what they say, " when the cat's away..." Now i'm glad I did go of course and i'll be off until Wednesday anyway.

I got my safety bonus for the year too and went to Wal-Mart yesterday and knocked out all my Christmas shopping-gift cards for everyone! I try to get a little something for the nieces,nephews,and granchildren anyway- Everyone else is on their own,but I did give some BMT calendars too.

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Glad to see you won in the christmas parade. Glad to see you'll be off until after christmas also. I seen alot of trucks traveling the interstate this morning on my way to work. Time to watch a "A Christmas Story" on tbs again, every christmas it on for 24 hrs. I gotta work christmas night, but that's ok because everyone will be asleep. Can't believe 2008 is already around the corner though, man this year has flown by for sure. See Ya buddy.

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