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New Boots For Jo

other dog


I've been out seeing how much money I could spend today,or so it seems anyway.I went to the drug store and got a prescription filled, stopped by the cell phone battery store to get a new battery,then had to go to Altavista to the shoe shop to get my boots I was having resoled.Made the mistake of criticising ( that just doesn't look right-maybe I can't spell criticizing either ) Jobyna's driving along the way,and how she pays attention to everything except what she's supposed to be doing,which is driving. Pretty quiet trip to Altavista.When we got to the shoe shop I saw her looking at a pair of Justin boots when I was about to pay for my repair job,and ended up buying them for her. They were $135 and the pair right beside them was $100,but she didn't like them,even though they looked pretty much the same to me.I get most of my shoes from Sportsman's Guide or Wal-Mart way cheaper,but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.Anyway,all is well again.Lesson learned. ...and it finally rained,for the first time since the last time.Good rain too,just what we needed-over 4 inches total, but spread over 3 days.


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