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other dog


I forgot to mention it was dark when I dropped that piece of chicken.All I could see was the glowing charcoal.I just got in,unloaded lumber in Eighty Four,Pa. this morning and went to Neville Island and picked up a light load (18,000 lbs.) of rejected steel beams to take back to Petersburg Monday. I unloaded in Curwensville,Pa. Monday morning and had to go to Pittsburgh to reload.I ran 879 to 286 to 119 to rt.22 to 376 into Pittsburgh.When I got on 22 I noticed a truck back behind me a ways in the left lane passing everything.When I stopped at a red light he got back in the left lane so he could pass me like I was tied to a stump,but I was empty and pulled away easily.When he got his speed back up though,he passed me like I was backing up-right there in front of the Mack place in New Alexandria.Watt's Mack,I believe it is. Anyway,at the top of the hill just west of Watt's there's a turnout there on the right,for left turns and u-turns.All of a sudden the truck whipped off in there,and I couldn't see what was going on because he was pulling a van,but when I passed by I could see-there were several carloads of D.O.T. men in there.My first thought was panic because I thought maybe they were pulling everybody in,and it was too late for me.They're gonna run me down,i'm in a heap of trouble now !...but no,they never even looked at me as I drove by,but there's no doubt if the other guy hadn't been in such a hurry and passed me when he did i'd have been next in line,and the next victim.


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