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Modern Equipment



Spent today on a new John Deere 650 bulldozer.

Anybody who knows me also knows that I am not allowed near equipment or sharp tools.

So it was the first time in over 30 years that I have been on a bulldozer.

Evolution is a great thing.

Just two little hand controls. Amazing!

The last machine I spent time on you steered with two big levers and used your third and fourth hands to

change direction and run the blade. Then you had the foot controls to keep your feet busy. And after about an hour you were exhausted.

Anyway - I can't carry a grade any better today than I could then, but it was great fun.


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I'd like to run some heavy equipment some time, but I have never tried...so I am a bit reluctant to try my hand! LOL

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Kind of like a knuckleboom-I've seen knucklebooms when I was young that had about 15 levers,plus the pedals,and wondered how anyone could run something like that.I'm not an equipment operator either,and of course people did run them and were good with them,but now they just have 2 joystick controls and the pedals.

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