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Old Mack Country



Just got home from a week of work in Wayne County, Pa. (Northeast Pa.along the Delaware River)

It's a pretty rural area, and still enjoys a lot of small logging companies, excavating contractors

and dump truck operators.

Guess what they use?

I saw more active older B & R model Macks being used every day than I have seen in years.

There was a beauty of a single axle R600 going by our jobsite several times each day loaded right to the boards with

topsoil. You couild hear it coming from miles away as it growled up the hills and around the curves. Very cool!

At another time, I saw a pretty battered B model single wrecker with a very new and disabled import car in tow.

Seemed like a little sweet justice!

Several loggers in the area are still using old R models every day - and the old dogs are still earning their keep.

A pretty enjoyable week!

And I delivered my old Willys to its' new master last weekend. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.


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