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Pin Striping

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Hi Trent, Sweet looking striping, would the guy who did it want to come to NJ? Hard to find someone to do that kind of work anymore, everything's done on computer now which does open new possibilities but I haven't seen one do a custom stripe job like that. Bob

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sorry for the large phots! still cant figure out how to resize


To easily resize an image in windows, you can use paint. It’s under programs>accessories and then click on paint. Open your image in paint and click the image menu and then select stretch/skew option. Then in the two stretch boxes you will see 100 in each box. To make the image one half the original size put 50 in each box. You can put any number in that you need but make sure both numbers are the same. Then either save it or use save as to create a smaller separate picture from the original.

If you or anyone needs a photo manipulation program like Photoshop try the GIMP (funny name but it stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program). You can get it here but you need to download both the GIMP and GTK+. And make sure you get the right GTK+ installer; one is for windows 98, me and NT4 the other is for windows 2000 and XP. It takes some getting used to but it works great and is 100% free.


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I got my pickup lettered and striped by an old timer that does travel. He is up here in MA but will go just about anywhere. PM me for his number. check out the pix of his work. I don't have a pic of the front clip with all the scroll work and striping, but will try to get one up.



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