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Tractor Protection Valve And Air Lines


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I have an 85 dmm straight truck with the air valve handle on the steering wheel. It doesnt have a tractor protection valve but I would like to add one and lines to the rear for a trailer. where can I find a schematic and the parts for adding the trailer brakes. What parts do I need to add?

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I have the same problem. I hve a 2005 CV713 tri-axle dump with anti-lock and ATC. The ATC is what causes the problem. I have found the air line diagram but part numbers to add the trailer lines are not there. From what I can tell, I need the Park Brake Control Module and the Tractor Protection Manifold along with assorted lines and fittings. Is there a part list somewhere for this conversion. The dealerships seem to think so but I can't get them to get off their butts and help me (Been trying for almost a year :angry: ). I'll do the work myself if I can find what parts I need. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all, I have been hinking about this for a while myself, I don't think it would take much to do this.

1st. I think you would need a foot valve for a tractor type truck, (so you would have an air line going to the trailer service) as well as a line going to the hand valve for the trailer brakes (service). As for part numbers, I'm lost. Just trying to think what it would take to turn a straight truck into a tractor/trailer.

I think for just the emergency, you could go from an air tank to the control valve on the dash, but for the service, it would need to have a pedal valve to go to the service line as well, unless there is a plugged port for the trailer service line.

Maybe you could have a dealer check the part numbers to see if they are the same , or different. (for a truck verse tractor)Pedel valve

I hope this helps some.


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