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ABS Help, 03 Granite



I repaired a broken wire on the front left wheel, cleared the codes, ABS light still on, have a code, SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC CODE #1 SID 151- FMI 14, the wheel sensor code cleared, so assuming it is an issue with the ABS module, I have the schematic, and have a few clerifying questions.

What is the voltage supposed to be on the other side of the resistor feeding an Eaton abs module on pin #18?

I have an ABS light on, inspection tomorrow, Pin #8 and #9 have 12 volts. 👍

Pin #18 on the ABS module, 0.87 volts, seems odd, this pin is feed from the fuse box to a resistor, before resistor 12V, after resistor 0.87V. Fail 😕


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First , drive the truck . Even if you repair/replace sensor and clear the code , the code will come back till you drive it and it see a wheel speed reading. Fuse 13 and 14 feed 12 volts to the ABS ECM. Best I remember , Not all trucks need both fuses. Road tractors CHN/CXN have ESP enhanced stability protection that requires both fuses. CV, MR and LE usually don’t have the ESP and don’t need both fuses. The J1939 yellow and green twisted data link wires should have  around 2.5 volts  plus or minus .5 volts. If you had any power supply problems you would have more than a wheel speed code. If test drive does not clear the code. Jack up the problem tire off the ground. Unplug the sensor and attach a volt meter to the 2 wire harness end of the sensor. Set the the volt meter to AC voltage. Spin the tire and  watch meter. The faster you spin the tire the higher the voltage should be.  Best I remember 2.5 volts at 50 rpm 

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