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Exhaust temp not reading

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I have a 2000 ch613 that will not read the exhaust temperature. 

The probe is almost new.  At random times it will connect with the gauge and works.  This also turns on the light on the dash when it's not working.  I have found the plug behind the dash and ohm with the end at the temperature probe seems to be fine.

I am thinking the circuit board behind the dash may be the problem 🤔  is there anyone who has advice for me?   Thanks 

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if you unplug it,,,   what happens?? also, have you checked the wires going into the cab for cracks and chaffing?  

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I did like you mentioned honestly I didn't think that would do anything but it did.

Un plugged it yesterday the truck runs better but obviously I don't have a Pyro gauge and light is on the dash.

Does this help explain what the real problem is?  Thanks for your help

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