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I have recently purchased an '89 RD690SX dump truck. I need to know the weight rating of the truck and front/rear axles, but the door tag is completely unreadable. I was hoping based on VIN a local dealership could help, but after calling 3 of them and the Mack general office have gotten nowhere. Is there a way to figure this out based on VIN, or another way?

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Well you could do a couple things. If you get a hold of the Mack museum and request all the build information it may be contained in the papers you get back what the original designed GVW it was specd for. Information I gat back for my 1967 had the designed GVW, designed GCVW, typical payload and top speed desired at max GCVW (it is a tractor). Not sure if you would get the same information or not. I guess it just depends on how the dealer filled out the paperwork or if Mack engineering got involved and the numbers were recorded.

You could look at the title and see what GVW its registered at and just assume that over the trucks life it was originally specd for what its titled GVW is.

In the end it should not matter too much though. a 690SX is generally going to have pretty hefty specs. I would guess at least 44k rears and a 16k or 18k steer axle. But with the addition of drop axles one can increase the GVW significantly. You can basically make it whatever you want if you are cozy with an inspection mechanic. When I brought by 94 RD690 into PA from Virginia I had to get a PennDOT MV-41 form filled out and signed by an heavy truck inspection mechanic stating that the truck was capable of the GVW I was requesting the truck to be registered for. Its funny though the GVW on the Virginia title was 80,000 and I was wanting to register it for less weight at 73,280 (the most a triaxle can weigh in PA) to save some money on registration fees. I think it was just a formality on the notary's part. But consider if I had bought the truck as a tandem axle with the plan to put a drop axle under it. It would have theoretically been titled at 54,000 GVW. I would have installed a pusher axle on it to make it a tri and had an inspection mechanic inspect it and fill out an MV-41 stating it is now capable of grossing 73280. Not sure what goes on in Ohio though. Probably something similar I would think.

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Thank you for the response. What you're saying makes sense, and I will probably have more answers once I have the title in hand. I have been waiting 6 weeks for the title, and it is supposedly on its way to me now. My purpose is to make sure I'm not overloaded, know my max payload, etc. Didn't know if someone could look at a VIN or pictures of the axles and be able to tell easily. Truck is a tandem with no pushers. How would one get ahold of the Mack museum?

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