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Aset AC Rebuild

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I have about 4 or 5 trucks that need engine rebuilds. Any recommendations on machine shops for cranks rods and heads? I’ve never done a complete inframe but I am not scared of it either. Just need a little help with how I should go about it. Are y’all using PAI for the inframe kits? Mack prices are outrageous. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Side note, only one of those trucks my drivers blew up, the rest I bought at auctions with bad engines.

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Are you doing an in frame? How do you plan on removing the crankshaft? I suggest you drop all 13 caps, one at a time and look for crank damage, before you go any further..

PAI. Kits are really good.  I have built at least 10 Macks with their parts, and I have 2 more in my shop now..  I also suggest that you get REAL INTIMATE with the CORRECT WAY to run the valves...  If you run them like Cat or John Deere does, you Will be doing the cam and lifters all over again..  one minute after you crank the engine around.. 

There is a bunch of us here with good info. And several posts about these AC engines...  Jojo

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I can do an inframe or remove the engine. I have a shop and can also make a stand to flip the engine around. I just want to do it right because I do want to keep these trucks. 

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That sounds really good.. I prefer them to be out of the chassis.. I have built many in the chassis.. Are you familiar with measuring liner protrusion, and inspecting the counter bore, machining the counter bore if needed, and then properly shimming the liner to spec, and setting all the liners to within .002"? I am asking, so I can get an idea of your knowledge.. With respect, Jojo

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I am not familiar with it but understand the concept and can definitely pick up the Mack manual and watch some YouTube. I’ve rebuilt many small block LS engines, worked on drilling rigs rebuilding huge 1000hp triplex mud pumps. Once I start the process I’ll start posting pictures and asking questions.

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