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Need help finding Mack E7 350 engine number location


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Welcome to the Doghouse.....   On top of the front valve cover... should be a sticker with the info... what I want to know,,,, is what are you trying learn?? it's an E-7...  the turbo is probably a Schwitzer s400 s041..  the turbo tag can also sorta tell you what you have... after  a bit of research...  how about  telling us why , and is this your engine, and what did it come out of,  an so-on ??  to me it's just a 350 E-7..  you wont believe how many smart guys are here...   :) jojo

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Do you mind elaborating more on the turbo thing joey? Does the model of the turbo tell what the horsepower (300,350, ect) it is? Do they all use Schwitzer or did they use other makes? Im probably way overthinking it but I can't say Ive ever thought to look at the turbo, beats crawling all around the engine looking for a tag that's been greased over. 

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I guess,. What I'm saying is that certain turbos were used on diff HP engines, but I can't tell you off the top of my head.  I know that in my E-7 books there are specs for each HP rating,. And it shows turbo models..  I'm sorry Bob, if I dont have a good answer.  However, you can PM me with some specifics and I can look in my books to find the answer..  otherwise I don't know how to tell the HP rating, without a tag.. Jojo

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