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Coolant overflow



Hello. I recently purchased a 2006 cxn with an ac400.It is pushing coolant out of the the overflow when underload. There is no coolant mixing with the oil or smoke while driving down the road. Also it dose not overheat. I have zip tied a coolant jug at the bottom of the overflow tube and it will fill it after about 100 miles. The coolant is discolored and smells like burnt exhaust. Also some debris around radiator cap seal. There is no oily or milky texture to the coolant that is coming out. Recent repairs to the truck are as follows. New radiator, thermostats, engine harness, clutch fan and egr tube with new probes and computer. Just got it back from mack a little over a week ago dose still have a code showing for egr temperature. Was told it need to be cleaned but shouldnt affect driveability. Any ideas on what the culprit might be. Before the last repair with egr tube and clutch fan it only lost maybe a gallon a week Mack is backed up in my area and can't get it back in for a few weeks attached is pictures of coolant and radiator cap. Coolant has less than 1000 miles on it 



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