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Regen troubles

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Now my 2012 is regenning every 30 minutes!

geez! Will it ever end???

the only code for this one was the sensor. We bought the sensor today $1000 at Mack.

I just test drove it and it’s still needed a regen before I got back. It’s regenning now as I type.

any ideas on this one?

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Man every 30 minutes?! I bet you're getting horrid fuel economy but it could be the engines fault in that its pouring in too much fuel and thus creating more black smoke (soot) but I'd think this would have thrown a code if an injectors bad or something. Best of luck 

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Actually, there’s very little black smoke but we can’t even use the truck or we’d be stuck on the roadside all day. It derated yesterday and the driver had to come back in at 35mph. 
thankfully we stay in 100 mile radius.

We hooked it up to a laptop and only got a code 3936. I test drive it a couple hours ago and it needed to regen within 30minutes.

We changed the egr diff sensor but that didn’t help. Still asking for regen.

I parked it and think I’m out of business.

2 broken trucks and very little money left. It’s a very sad day for me. I gave it my all.

😞. Thank you

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His partner has the laptop with the Mack tools. He said that all the temps were right. The regen takes 30 minutes and that is all correct. We took the filters off before the and had them cleaned. They were 45% clogged but after being cleaned, it showed 1%

he is taking the filters off again right now.

instead of buying new filters, he is borrowing some off of another truck to test it.

one thing is like to add…while test driving it, the a/c would blow hot air as if it were a heater. Then after about 15 minutes of driving, it started working and was cold. I don’t know if this is related but somehow I feel it is?!

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