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85' EM6-300 pump upgrade to P7100

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Been visiting the site for a while, finally signed up for a couple questions on my truck.

Long story short, pump is, well best way to put it, well worn (biggest thing is the inconsistent power, also have a jumpy throttle and its leaking fuel, so has to come off for a once over).  I have a P7100 off an E7 (PES6P120A720RS7200) that I was going to use on another project that I sold before I did that swap.

So the question is can I swap the P7100 onto the EM6?  I've seen one guy do it, but he was a bit short on details other than a couple pictures, and correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the later E6's come with the P7100?  Is this a simple bolt on swap, or is it a bit more, IE, are the injector line fittings the same (the pump is in storage and it'll be a bit before I can get to it), does it bolt up to the pump mounts,  does the pump spin the same direction, lastly does the drive gear swap over?   I have no problem building adapters & hubs, as I have everything I need, also, the truck is a toy hauler, and I won't work it hard (20k in weight at most is what it's going to see), also have the pyro to keep an eye on it, as the power increase will be nice.


Any insight would be great.



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