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Mack tuner questions

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I recently bought a 2007 MR cabover with the 350 hp engine and Alison transmission. I had a knuckle boom crane mounted on it for tree work. So the truck weighs about 40,000 lbs, and I often pull a trailer that might weigh 20,000 lbs.

Right now, even without a trailer, the throttle response and acceleration is so slow it is almost a hazard to pull into traffic. I have had my mechanic go over the engine, and it seems to be working as it should. 

Since this was a garbage truck previously, I was wondering if they back off the power so the trucks last longer when the guys jump in them and mash the throttle every 3 minutes on the garage runs?

I was thinking an aftermarket tuner or ecu reflash might be able to wake the truck up? Does that seem reasonable? What would you guys recommend as a reputable shop that does that?

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There's a thread on here about waking up those AI engines I think it's called Dead Dog Redemption on engine and transmission section it's probably a ways back. Not been much activity on it since the moderators on here seemed to of kicked the major contributors off the site. 

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