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2016 mack chu613 pinnicale no power to ac.

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i have a 2016 chu613 i have no power to the compressor or pressor switches and the dash panel will only work for the blower motor. i have a new compreesor and pressure switchs. its fully charged. and i tried putting a new dash panel in but still same results. i think it may be a relay or fuse but i have no manuel so i was wondering if anyone could help me with a diagram of fuses and relays or has had same issue and has a idea on how to fix it. ive tried alomost everything and dont want to send to dealer if i dont have to. thank you

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Check fuse 53 in upper fuse panel.  Also the short harness that goes to both pressure switches besides the radiator is know to break inside the insulation. Also pull the kick panel off in front of the AC unit, look at the harness that connects to the HVAC harness, it’s know to rub some of the dash brackets and braces. Should be fairly easy to inspect. Lastly, the thermostat/freeze sensor. It’s hard to see and get to. Reach under the AC unit to the right of the blower motor, it just pushes in . I don’t know of a good way to test it though. Lately we have gotten bad new control panels and compressors . Compressor should have 3-5 ohms , under 3 ohms and it causes weird issues 

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