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Motor has slight vibration ?


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Have a 91 Mack RD with a 300 E6 motor in It  and it started to develop a slight vibration when idling and running in the motor, I checked the engine mounts , they are good and changed fuel filters and air filter.  Any ideas?  Could it be injectors has around 350 k on it..

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to me... a slight vibration on this engine, can be many things... what other things were done to the truck recently?  I could ask a bunch of questions, but the list would be long...  check the obvious things like loose bolts on the fan,  , alt.,  a/c comp. a sloppy fan clutch, Take the belts off and run it a bit and see if it still vibrates.... if it does, look at the clutch bolts through the inspection hole in the bell housing for an issue...  Does it stumble when you rev it up?   Like I said... lot's of Q's...there is an S-Load of smart people here....  we'll get it..jojo

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