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03 Granite CV713 Low air buzzer wiring

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Pretty sure the buzzer died, the dash light says low air pressure but the buzzer doesn't come on, switching the power divider lock on or the turn signals on doesnt make it buzz either,( they use the same buzzer best I can tell)  The buzzer sounds like is integrated into the dash cluster and is almost a grand to replace.  So working on hooking up a regular buzzer from napa, the advantage is no buzzer when turn signal or power divider in.  But which switch is for the low air buzzer to tap into?

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The switches are under the dash drivers side up above the throttle and brake pedal.... should be 3 pressure switches .... can’t remember what one does ,but one is to show the park brake is applied & one is low air. U can put a T in the low air switch port and add an additional switch to operate the buzzer , source an old green buzzer out of a DM or RB .... something of that sort and wire the second switch to operate the buzzer 

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