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Ctp713 Mp7



New to the group.  I bought a 2007 granite just over a year ago and have had an issue with a surge.  Mack dealer told me maybe the turbo after they replaced the actuator with no change.  I can’t see it’s the turbo.  Truck has a slight surge under a load.  It’s rather annoying and is costing me power and fuel I’m sure.  No codes,  I’ve been wondering if it could be egr related.  I’ve also noticed more recently that the oil temp seems to be a lot hotter.  Under a load pulling a hill it’ll easily see 240.  Normal driving with a load 225.  I’ve been trying to see if there is a way to easily disconnect or block off the egr.  Not having much luck.  Any help is appreciated 

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I have not check fuel pressure however it seems to do it at all different rpms and throttle positions.  Although at higher rpms it doesn’t seems to do it as much.  I use the word surge but it’s hard to describe.  When your under load,  and when I say load I don’t mean loaded I just mean when the engine is under a load.  You can hear the turbo spool and then not for a second and then spool and die again.  When it does this the rpms fluctuate about 150-200 per the gauge although sometimes it feels like more.  Almost as if you let off the petal some and get back in it.  I guess the turbo vanes could be acting up but I hate to spend that kind of money and cross my fingers.  

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