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I am not really getting a solid answer to a oil change issue with our dump trucks. We have 8 ranging 2014 to 2020 with MP8 engine. Oil change would seem simple enough, 3 filters and a plug. Been adding 10 gallons back in yeah they seemed a little over full but close enough. Till they sat over night and dang what did all the filters drain back into the pan. Way over full, tired of listening to the drivers complain. I started asking our Mack dealer. Something about a mystery place that holds a gallon of oil??? Also Asked if 10 gallons was ok or go with 9 gallons....? Not getting a good answer I am now here, to pick your brains. Because I did just 2 oil changes and only added 9 gallons of oil. Dang if after I parked them for a bit if not over full!!! Do you all have a solutions or why's or what I maybe doing wrong. Much appreciated.

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