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R Model Bolt Trouble

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Posted on the ATHS also..I removed a bolt off the outside of the rear cab wall on my R model. Im talking about the 2 bolts next to the rear window that some people mount an air line holder when they are bob tailing around. The bolt came out easy then the nut (welded to a stiffner plate or something) droped between the interior and exterior skins. No access hole to get between the panels!! Are ther any type of HD hardware simmilar to a drywall bolt that will securely hold a 4" Service lite to the rear cab wall. If not it looks like I will have to drill a 3/4" hole in the interior wall to get a 1/2 socket back there. Someone suggested a rivnut but im not fimmilar with them . only rivnuts I have seen were small, used for the marker light bolts :wacko:


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Go to your local auto-body supply company. There are several sizes of riv-nuts available, and they work very well, as well as other types of fasteners that may work. Explain what your doing, and they should be able to fix you up. Good luck!

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The tool is kinda spendy for one nut but they do work very well, come in eather course or fine thread, and hold tight.

The only caution is to torque the bolt only to specs. Over-torque and the nut 'might' turn and cause the same type problem you have; that is, you can't get in behind to hold the d--n thing to remove the bolt.


Keep a clutchin'

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Thanks for the ideas everyone... I searced for the riv nuts and found some but they were to small for the applacation. I also figure that sence only one riv nut was going to be used it might have allowd the light to shake vibrate and possibly work the riv nut louse and let it spin in the hole....so.... i just cut a small 1/2 round hole in the cab and used a standard nut and bolt combo... I then painted the aera to prevent rust and used a rubber plug that a auto body friend uses for paintless dent repair.

The interior panel will cover the spot anyways so im not to concerned

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