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Mid-Liner MS200P clutch disaster

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I have a 1989 Mid-Liner MS200P. 5.5L with Spicer CM 5552-A -5 speed. Excellent truck with only 126K original miles. When I got the truck in 2019, it was almost completely original, down to the tires. There was a squealing noise from the clutch, and it gradually became harder to shift. I ordered the IAT 107350-4-G-IAT clutch kit and installed it last week. Upon pulling the transmission, I found what I had suspected was the cause of the squealing and difficult shifting. The release bearing had seized up and was eating into the release levers on the apparently original Valeo kit. I realize that the release bearing should not have been in full time contact with the levers, and I had tried to adjust the clutch pedal according to the Mack specs as of 1997 manual printing. It made no difference. 
As I said, I have now installed the IAT kit and no matter what, the release bearing is riding the release levers full time, causing slipping and difficulty shifting. I talked with a rep at IAT and he says this is the only kit they sell for this application, that he’s never seen this, and that it will never work. Because there is no access panel on the bell housing, I went through the release fork hole with an inspection camera and sure enough, the release bearing is riding the levers. Removing the slave cylinder to take all pressure off the fork makes no difference, so pedal setting is not at fault. The rep at IAT was very knowledgeable and helpful, but he said there is nothing that can be done. I have convinced Amazon to take the kit back and refund my money, but I wanted to put this here and see if anyone had seen this before. If the only adjustment is for the pedal to master cylinder relationship, and removing the slave cylinder makes no change, how can the release bearing spacing be adjusted? 485A7148-445C-4936-B0B6-E63BB82E97B1.thumb.jpeg.a94b0c70ea965f12484f48c841f719e4.jpeg87355874-39DA-4905-8505-B4212F0DF949.thumb.jpeg.764bc3d9656d4bfb7bab06ce259e8864.jpeg402C2F4F-E6D4-4A3E-BDAA-F7E4146DF084.thumb.png.8e16f77adad5330a84536ab2c0a25534.png

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Also, the rep told me that the bolts on the release levers are set to the 30,000th and should not be adjusted, but with no access in the bell housing, they can’t be adjusted anyway. I have found a Valeo kit like the one that was in it, but without the ability to adjust release bearing spacing, I’m stumped on whether to buy it. Any insights are welcomed. Thank you. 

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Just wanted to update this for anyone out there that might experience it. Although the clutch master and slave were working, they weren’t working fully. Evidently they had been only working partially for a long time. The slave couldn’t retract fully and let the release bearing separate from the release levers. When I removed the slave, the fork just stayed where it had been. I now find that it should be able to work properly with new master and slave. I learn something new every day. Hope this helps someone someday. FA5643DA-77F0-4B2C-90F1-95321917D674.thumb.jpeg.28659398020a3adbe4634ff99f59a46e.jpeg

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