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Dash board froze

Newbie Mack

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On my wife's last Escalade (2011) I had an issue where the amp for the radio which also controlled blinker noises and dashboard alerts wouldn't sound either, wouldn't reset.  No sounds, no music.  Simply disconnecting the negative battery cable did not solve the problem due to residual power in the system.  So, I disconnected both the positive and negative from the battery and connected the positive and negative together to completely drain the system (of course making sure that the cables didn't make contact with the battery).  Waited about 10 min.  Hooked everything back up and bingo the amp and the ECU reset.  Only crappy part was reprograming radio stations.  I didn't want to pull the center console apart to trouble shoot the amp only to find out it needed to be unplugged and replugged, so I tried this first for what it is worth.  

Ed Smith

1957 B85F 1242 "The General Ike"

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