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ENGINE identification help


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This is my engine number Etazb 673a, my question is, is this considered a e6 motor? I just bought this dump truck and need to know what it is so I can order parts for it. When I look up Mack engines there called e6 or e7 ect.. but I don’t see anything that links my number to any of these motors. Also I know what most of the letters mean but what does the b stand for? Thanks for any help and if anyone knows a good spot to buy parts that would be great too.

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basically ,,, yes.... But I have limited knowledge on different E-6's... I'm currently building an E-6 2valve.  1960'ish... So I am learning as well...  Someone here will hook you up better, however, you have a great engine, they just run and run and run...  jojo

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I went through the same thing a few months ago. I have a 1979 R model dump truck. It has an ETZ673c in it. Not much info out there about this engine. I know this doesn’t really help you any but thought I would share it.

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