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2004 mack ch613 extended crank, poor starting.


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I have a 2004 Mack ch613 that doesn't like to start. Sometimes it cranks  over really good, but I have to crank it for a really long time, like 45 to 60 seconds before it will fire. Most times you have to stop cranking for awhile then try again and it usually fires. The other problem is that I have to hook a battery charger to it often to get it to crank over very well. The batteries are newer and test good. Thanks for any help!

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You used a load tester on the batteries to check them correct? And you disconnected them and checked each battery individually?  If so, you have to check voltage at the starter to ensure your getting 12V at the starter then check for a voltage drop while cranking .... check your grounds also..... if voltage drop, voltage, and grounds are good then the starter is likely bad. Make sure the starter solenoid on the firewall isn’t corroded also. As for extended crank time what is the fuel pressure , are the filters good? And lastly ... check the cam and crank sensors.... they will cause extended crank time 

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