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470 ccrs ea7

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Morning all 

I have a 2007 Mack trident 470 ccrs ea7 keeps throwing  

code 4-5  turbo actuator 

I have tested the actuator and there is nothing visually wrong with it and no air leaking out of the diaphram 

Cannot find any other boost leaks  or rubbed through hoses 

I am thinking it may be the 2 sensors in the intake  manifold one at top front one at rear behind computer  

any help or pointers appreciated 

note engine photos is not my engine. Just as a guide  as I’ve been told there is a few different ones 



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Mack has a good bulletin on the 4-5 code on the CCRS 460 engine. Only the higher HP levels CCRS engines used the wastegated turbos. Not to be confused with the ASET 4-5 code with the VGT turbos . On the CCRS 460 , in the engine software there is derate for overboosting and if the boost is to low then of course you have low power. So the  wastegate adjustment has to be set up perfect.  I’ll see if I can find the bulletin 

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