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2006 cv713

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Hello everyone, I have a mid 128 sid 254 fmi 4 code. The engine intermittently dies like you turn the key off, it may run for 5 seconds or 5 minutes with no consistency at all. I checked the battery terminals and all the grounds i could find, I have checked the wiring by the by the vcu where it rubs on the panel, i have checked the wiring bulk heads and even connectors and used dielectric grease on them when reconnected. Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

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did you clean the 2 grounds behind the dash? one is behind the instrument cluster,,, pull the cluster and look to the bottom left...you will see a few ground wires with a star washer under the 6mm bolt... remove the wires and clean the cab frame member, also look for glue on the eyelets from the heat shrinks.. it can get between the eyelets and weaken the connection...if you reuse the star washer, make sure it at makes a good connection... do the same thing behind the fuse panel cover on the right side dash.. pull the cover and look to the left of the bottom of the fuse block, there you will see another ground wire group... both sets of wires will be black... this repair has been the cure for 9-2 codes in the past...along with the frame ground at the left frame rail behind the steer tire, and follow it to the engine block where you will see a 15/16' bolt.. clean these very good... i have found the block ground bolt loose many times in my time.. Good luck Jojo

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