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Draining The Coolant


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I've got a NTC-335 cummins in my R 763 and I need to dump the coolant for the winter. I opened the petcock in the el on the bottom radiator hose, but seems like there must be a plug or two on the block or water pump? I don't have a manual for this one so I'd rather be safe than sorry. Any other places I need to open it up to drain?

thanks for any help.


1965 Mack B-74, dump

1974 Mack R, logging w/Prentice self-loader


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Your better off leaving the system filled with properly mixed antifreeze. It will prevent rust from forming and the seals from drying out. But if you still want to drain it, there should be a draincock on the right rear of the block below the exhaust manifold and one on the rear of the oil cooler above the oil filters.

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