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Anybody swap a d13 inplace of a mp8


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Just curious if anybody has used a d13 in place of a mp8 or d11 in place of a mp7 and vice versa? I know the base of them are the same and ecms are different. But wasnt sure if there was more that is different to not be able to use one? Thanks

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You are correct and even the ECM is the same just the software is different. Sometimes we get injectiors in Volvo boxes because the dealer could not get the same injectors in a Mack labeled box. However year model makes a big difference. There are 6 different MP7 injector part numbers and 5 different MP8 injector part numbers  depending on year/emissions year model. The same with cylinder head part numbers , 5 for the MP7 and 6 for the MP8’s.  The biggest screw ups I remember seeing were putting 2007 emissions year MP8 turbos on 2010/2014 emissions year engines, this caused regen issues. There are at least 3 MP7 turbos and at least 2 MP8 turbo part numbers. Then of course you have the common rail engines which are totally different as well . 

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I knew they were identical motors so to speak. I had a customer call me to get his truck running, he put a 17 model d13 in his 2012 mack. It wouldn't run with the mack ecm but it runs with the vovlo ecm. He is having it deleted and the guy doing that told him he has to change the engine harness to run the mack ecm. I find that yard to believe they would build 2 different harnesses for the same engine. I know the ecm strategies would be different based on how the engines sound while running. I remember when the mp7s first came out all the parts I got from mack said volvo on them.. Thanks for the feedback

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