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1999 CH612 showing electronic malfinction code & engine shutdown warnings

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ex US Postal Service tractor which I won in an online auction.  Was ready to bring the truck home but when I went to the auction yard and started the truck I found these two lights on.  Engines seems to run fine but have not driven it at any speed on the road.  I have not done the diagnostic test with the cruise control up/down switch because I did not know about that at the time I ran the truck.  I do believe the speedometer is not working so likely VSS and wondering if I drive it the 160miles to get it back to my shop, am I taking any risks if it is the VSS or will I just need to live with the buzzer sounding the whole way back?

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Speaking from experience I have a 2000 ch 612 check the coolant level on bottom side of reservoir. When mine is low it will throw a dash light on. Electric malfunction I believe. I also had the speedo probe on output shaft of transmission. It also lit the electrical malfunction light. I'd say your safe to drive after checking fluids

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