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Crankcase ventilation filter on MP8


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Hello guys ,

got a quick question can these crank case breather ventilator be cleaned out . I know they sell a o ring kit for it  . But the ventilator does run up to like $600 to $700 bucks . Just trying to find a cheaper fix been seeing more oil around it and it’s starting to leak . No problems at the moment just trying to stay head and fix now.

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I'm sure you can clean it out if you remove the plastic housing from the aluminum base. There isn't a filter inside, there's a propeller inside that spins the oil back into the tube to recirculate it. Other than replacing all of the seals, one of the biggest issues with these things is the aluminum base. I've seen plenty of them with cracks or even the plastic housing with cracks. Best to take it off and clean it up and see if you have any cracks in yours. 

These things are one of our biggest selling parts at our dealer and in my opinion, a terrible design from Volvo. Doesn't help they charge so much for them. I've seen certain ones for over $1000. As far as I know, there are about 3 or 4 different ones depending on D11/MP7 or D13/MP8 engines.

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