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Looking for MR688 Manuals 2006 + Postal COE's



Hi,  I bought a Mack Postal Service 2006 MR688S and a 2007 MR688P 6x4 and 4x2 COE Tractors and I'm looking for any manuals on them or spec sheets, build sheets, etc...

They're running fine, but I like to have the info for maint., etc...

I also want to change the E-7 Engine ECU Governor to allow a higher RPM than 1700.  Got a response from a Postal Driver that the service raised the trucks he was driving to 2100 RPM.

Any later model MR688 people out there with knowledge of the trucks - I'd love to pick your brain for a bit.


Tomm in Nevada

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Hello Tomm.. Just a thought here..  I purchased PTT (Premium Tech Tool) for one of my big customers this summer. $600.00 + .. He bought a new windows 10 laptop, He did already own a Vocomm box. Approx. $1800.00 for it..  With this tool you can do a lot to youre truck.  You would be buying the "customer portal" but you will have a lot of access to info. You will NOT have the same access as MackVo. you can do many diagnostics and even trouble shoot the stupid DPF/DEF systems, if you have any..  You order it on-line and call tech support after you recieve youre packet with the authority info. tech support will walk you through it and set youre base password, then you can take it from there.  all you have to do is log in once every 90 days to avoid resetting the P/W  and every 6 months you can change the P/W to maintain security..  Just my thoughts..  Jojo

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