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Volvo redesigns VAH auto hauler for enhanced payload


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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)  /  June 26, 2020

Volvo Trucks this week unveiled its new Volvo Auto Hauler (VAH) model, which completes the design overhaul of the entire Volvo Trucks North America portfolio.

The updated VAH models are now available to order. The redesigned VAH features deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspension and industry-exclusive reduced-height cab options to create a lower overall roof height for larger passenger vehicles.

“Volvo Trucks is proud to roll out the most advanced auto hauler model in the trucking industry,” said Andy Hanson, product marketing manager, VTNA. “Behind the new, updated look are significant engineering innovations utilized in the other models in our impressive product portfolio. We’re excited to introduce this new VAH model, designed with Volvo Trucks’ core focus on safety, productivity and comfort for drivers.”

The models feature an updated Volvo Active Driver Assist collision-avoidance system, which features radar and automatic braking technology.

The new VAH will come in three variations offered through Fontaine Modification:

  • The VAH 300 day dab offers 11-vehicle capacity and a tight turning radius with a 113.6-inch BBC, available with 94.5- or 97.5-inch roof height.
  • The VAH 400 sleeper includes a 42-inch interior cab height. Along with maximum payload capacity, agility and driver amenities, the 400 offers a 145.6-inch BBC and can be ordered with a 97.5- or 102.5-inch roof height.
  • The VAH 600 sleeper offers a cab height of 61 inches and features a 36-inch wide mattress, ample storage space and refrigerator capacity. It has a 164.1-inch BBC and is available with a 97.5- or 102.5-inch roof height.


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