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Rack position Sensor above normal

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I have a 1994 Mack thats giving me Rack Position Sensor -Voltage above normal or shorted to high SID 24, FMI 3. 

I am trying to look for trouble shooting process for this kind of code if any one has one ? its for the mack with a VMac and Bosche model Thanks in advance!!!

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Hello, Im guessing you do not have mack svc manual 8-201??? The flow chart to diagnose your 4-4 or 4-5 code starts on page 132.. it would take me hours of typing to give you the info. If you do not have access to this book, text me at 704-785-1738.. I can scan the pages and e-mail them too you..  I have had this issue several tmes and the duetsch connector had weak connections. if you have the jumper harness at the pump that adds extra ops for loose contact. un plug it and gently tighten the pins with a pick or something pointy and strong, like a dental pick. there are realltools for this as well. anyway, gently tug on the wires to try to pull them out of the sockets. be extra careful on the governor harness. dont break it!! i have found the wires were frayed inside the plugs, usually because the plug was not secured in the yokes that hold them along with zip ties.. let me know if you need more info there are a ton of very smart people here to help you... Joey Mack.

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