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Diagnostics tools, code scanners?

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What is a good code scanner/diagnostic tool that will work well with Mack MP8 Granite? I’d rather try to do my own diagnostic and repair on my truck instead of having to rely on the dealers 

thanks for any help


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when it comes to diagnostics, there is a gold standard on volvo and mack (mack uses volvo engines).
the program is called ptt, premium tech tool. with that program you can read codes, do diagnostics test (injector cut out, cylinder balance...), and even do ecm tuning.
along with ptt you need diagnostic adapter i personally use nexiq usb link (around 700$)
this nexiq usb link can work with original cat, cummins, detroit diesel program, so it is a handy tool

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I have a couple of scanners, they are ok when in a pinch but not always. I had a couple of emissions related issues recently and the scan tool could not find anything. Took the truck to a dealer and was told i needed filter bake or replace, nox, scr removal to clean. Well that repair quote was a little more than I was prepared to accept so I took it to a non Mack related shop and was SCR sensor 3. Well the mechanic did his thing on his Matco scan tool and got me going. It only takes one good time in the shop to deplete that bank account. I would suggest get a system that will allow you to see the problem then take care of it, like diesel laptops, jball electronics or heavy duty truck diagnostics. 

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