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KrAZ Trucks fulfilled another order for 8x6 chassis


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  March 19, 2020

Azneftemash JSC (Azerbaijan) is a long-term partner of KrAZ Trucks, which uses KrAZ vehicles as a carrier for heavy hoisting drilling units. This company is a manufacturer of various oil and gas equipment, hoisting units, special equipment and tools for the oil and gas industry.

The KrAZ model 7140H6 vehicle chassis with  8x6 wheel arrangement is intended for industrial and special equipment to be installed on it and operation on all kinds of roads and off-road. The chassis is equipped with a 375 horsepower Euro-5 diesel engine; 9-speed gearbox, two-range transfer case; single-disc clutch and ABS. An integral type power steering gear and the conventional three-seat cab.

The KrAZ 7140H6 has the increased load carrying capacity (more than 30 tons), which became the decisive factor in the oilmen’ choice  to get it as a base chassis for the UP-100/125 drilling rig, intended for gas and oil wells servicing. The test of the first supplied batch of KrAZ 7140H6 vehicle chassis was successful and showed positive results. Therefore, it was decided by Azneftemash to continue cooperation and order another batch of the unique eight-wheeled KrAZ vehicles.

KrAZ trucks are valued by Azerbaijani partners for their high carrying capacity, reliable design, easy servicing and maintainability.


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