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LondonEnergy returns to Volvo for hookloader fleet


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Transport Engineer  /  April 15, 2020

Waste management service provider LondonEnergy is taking delivery of nine Volvo FM 8x2 rigids as part of an upgrade of its hook-loader fleet, replacing a rival marque.

Supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London, the Volvo FMs are powered by D11K diesel engines rated at 424bhp and will be used to service LondonEnergy’s re-use and recycling centres, transporting waste products for processing at its EcoPark facility in Edmonton.

Katie Blowes, transport and logistics manager at LondonEnergy, says: “This order marks our return to Volvo after several years running hook-loaders from another manufacturer. She said it chose the FM because it was most suitable for inner-city work. The choice was also based on build quality and aftersales support.

“The new fleet marks a big step forward for us in improving safety and our environmental impact, both of which play an important part in our business strategy. We aim to achieve Earned Status Recognition with the DVLA and FORS Gold Standard to show the high quality of our operation.” The new trucks, which feature Boughton Engineering bodywork, will be on the road seven days a week, covering up to 200,000 km per annum between them.

LondonEnergy has specified a four-way recordable camera system linked to a dashboard-mounted monitor, Halo Cycle Minder sensors with audible left-turn alerts, an auxiliary lower window in the passenger door to give the driver a clear view of other road users and LED strobes and beacons for maximum visibility.

The FMs also feature Volvo’s radar-based adaptive cruise control with forward collision warning system, which can be activated by the driver and will maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front by controlling the accelerator and all available brakes. In the event of heavy braking, the FMs brake lights also flash rapidly to alert road users behind, helping to avoid rear-end collisions.

All vehicles come equipped with Volvo’s Dynafleet telematics system, which enables the exact location and status of each truck to be tracked 24/7, for security and efficiency. The trucks have been supplied with a Volvo Gold Contract which covers all preventive maintenance and truck repairs within the Volvo Trucks dealer network.

All routine maintenance will take place at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre Enfield, situated less than four miles from the customer’s base.

LondonEnergy is owned by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and is contracted to provide waste management services to seven north London boroughs.


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