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A Scania L-series low-entry fire truck for city rescues


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Scania Group Press Release  /  January 9, 2020

In Hull, United Kingdom, the Humberside Fire & Rescue Service has taken a Scania L-series low-entry fire truck into operation. The vehicle carries an aerial ladder platform, which at 45 metres is the joint highest in the country.

To achieve Humberside’s overall on-road height requirement of 3.55 metres and provide maximum manoeuvrability and a high level of visibility for the driver, the vehicle has been specified with a low-height Scania L 360.

The compact and lightweight Bronto Skylift aerial ladder platform stows to less than 12 metres overall length for transport. Its cage can raise 500 kilos vertically with the load monitored automatically. There is an integrated, space-saving 3,800-litre per minute capacity water nozzle.

“We operate a 65-strong all-Scania fleet of heavy fire appliances and continue to specify Scania for their build quality and longevity,” says Andy Day, Fleet and Operational Equipment Manager for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.

“Our experience is that we see up to five extra years of service from Scania chassis compared to others we have operated in the past.”

The L-series fire truck is based in Hull, where its height means it will be capable of reaching the top of every residential building in the city.


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