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MP8 cooling problem.


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2008 Chu, first load of the morning the truck will run hot but cools right back down and after that doesn’t do it for the rest of the day. I’m getting pressure in the tank. I let the truck sit all weekend and on Monday I noticed the water was low. Well it had tons of pressure on it. Once the pressure was released the coolant level came back up. You can start the truck with coolant cap off and give it throttle and the coolant will pull way down and when you let off throttle it comes out like a volcano. cups an injectors were replaced back in June. 

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3 hours ago, TimberJack said:

No it’s the original one. I was thinking it could probably be egr or air compressor. 

remove the forward tube on the EGR cooler (quick and easy  check ) see if its damp in there! Before chasing the compressor ! Just my opinion!

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11 minutes ago, TimberJack said:

Checked the egr it’s dry. I can leave cap off tank while up is at idle an the coolant will be at the top. When you shut the truck off coolant drops below add mark. I clapped lines going to compressor still the same. 

Kind of an odd issue !These have had water pump impeller issues before! Might be worth  a stab in the dark to replace the water pump! Just a thought! Also when the cups were replaced did they do the stat?If the coolant gets contaminated by fuel it ruins All the orings on the coolant side of the  engine pretty much!

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