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2010 mp8 mack granite


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Keep getting this code popping up.

Replaced water pump manifold and forgot the loom for the egr preassure sensor on drivers side unplugged. Realised when it was in major de-rate. Plugged it back and still get the de-rate unless I clear the code off a few times. 

But the code comes back, Mil light stays off and engine is in a minor de-rate instead 😑. Any ideas?


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The ECM has a self learning capabilities and it might be possible the ECM reprogrammed  itself when the values of a disconnected pressure sensor when you turned it on. It self calibrates, I'm not saying thats the case but It might be something to look into. There is service bulletin PV776-89064958 for replacing the sensor. While your sensor may not need to be replaced, you may have to take it to someone that can reset the parameters. Here is a paragraph from the service bulletin. Technically it shouldnt reset itself but anything can happen when it comes to hardware/software.

"Due to the electronic control module’s self-learning capabilities, it is necessary to reset the learned data parameters after replacing or servicing certain components. This allows the electronic control module to calibrate itself to the new component. Using Tech Tool, perform Calibrations 2549-07- 03-01 Function Monitoring Parameters, reset the parameter related to the component replaced or serviced."

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