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Looking an R model single axle dump truck!


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Hi y'all,

My name is David Bailey and I own Bailey's Backyard in Raleigh NC. I'm looking for a single axle dump truck to replace the 08 F-750 that I had. Great truck but crap CAT engine. Since my grandfather had owned the Mack dealership in Raleigh when I was growing up and now that I'm sixty I want a truck that won't crap out all the time like my 750 did and would be fun as hell to own and drive(anybody can drive a Honda but who cruises into the quarry riding in a classic Bulldog?). Prob is finding one. I've come across one in Pa with the 300 and 5 speed. Looks clean, never been a plow but I'm worried about rust even tho I don't see any in the pictures. For down here gotta have A/C too and I could put a dump bed on one if I can find a tractor. I need a single axle because all of my job sites are tight and that's my niche. The quarries give out my number for lighter loads but my F-550 is well maxed at 5 tons. Looking to haul 8-10.

I've had a love of Bulldogs since I was a kid and would climb into the cab of everything on the lot for old H's and B's to F"s(what we ran in our trucking company-No motor sounds or feels like that Mack V-8) DM's and my favorite ,an R model. I've spent a few miles driving them too altho mostly in other brands. Love the way the turbo spools up and the grunt that old bulldog barks.

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I'll look around  in Fork Union  Virginia when I'm mostly at. Don't pass up a non AC unit, it's easy to add either a roof mount or even a Vintage Air system,


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