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Linfox launches first of its kind tri-axle tipper for Port Kembla


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Prime Mover Magazine  /  July 26, 2019

Logistics and commercial carrier, Linfox, has unveiled a new Lin-double configured tri-axle tipper coupled with a six-axle dog trailer for its coal run in Illawarra.

The combination, pulled by a Volvo tri-drive prime mover, moves coal related products from the South32 facility on behalf of Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operations to Port Kembla for Bluscope Steel.

Linfox, which has invested $20 million recently in a fleet of custom-designed trucks, engaged a team of Australian and international engineers on the unique vehicle combination.

“The vehicles were designed to address the particular challenges of hauling coal in the Illawarra, especially the steep descent down Mount Ousley,” said David Keane Linfox General Manager Business Development, Resources and Industrial.

“We’ve essentially combined the most powerful Volvo prime mover available with additional braking and descent control technology and higher capacity trailing equipment,” he said.

Illawarra currently outpaces Sydney in population growth and with the transit route between Westcliff and Appin Colliery involving steep grades down Mt Ousley and through heavy traffic, South32 required a supply chain partner with a transport solution that minimised its impact on the community and environment.

In a company statement, Linfox said it was focused on the wellbeing and capability of its drivers as it planned to reduce the number of vehicle movements on local roads by 25 per cent.

The vehicle, as the company strives to increase the tonnage of coal it moves on each trip while honouring its commitment to chain of responsibility, features radar adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation technology.

Linfox also confirmed it had commenced construction on a new site in Port Kembla where South32 ships coal to international markets.

The project will reportedly employ 130 local workers.

This will include drivers, contract managers, operational supervisors, safety officers and administrators.

Global demand is increasing right now for high quality coking coal which Illawarra has an abundance of for the production of steel.


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